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a Michelle Federer fanbase

a Michelle Federer fanbase
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Welcome to the Michelle Federer community on LiveJournal - silverstripes... Cos Michelle is famous for her role of Nessarose in Wicked, and of course, we all know that the Wicked Witch of the East is famous for her jewelled (silver!) shoes and stripey socks!

Post all your Michelle news & pics here, also any graphics and fics!

1 - Be nice.
2 - no illegal material.

When posting any fics, please be sure to include a rating in your post and any disclaimers/warnings... Put the actual fic under a LJ cut to save clogging up peoples friends pages. Please try to add the fics title and your username in the subject line of the entry; however, this isn't important... but would be nice!

When posting graphics, please keep all large items (eg, wallpapers) under a LJ cut. When posting icons, you may have 3 or 4 "teasers" but the rest need to be under a LJ cut.

If you’re having problems or are unsure how to post, please check out the LJ help section. For help with the LJ cut, go here.

If you want any further help, you can contact me by leaving a comment to this post or by my email address, trlwolf@aol.com

Thank you carrieellen for the suggestion to use "silver" in the communities name.

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