wicked_89 (wicked_89) wrote in silverstripes,

New Mod/Maintainer

Hey guys, I'm the new maintainer/mod for this comm. so I just wanted to say "Hi!" and I hope we can get this community up and rolling again.

In regards to rules and the layout, those will be staying the same, unless someone would be so kind as to make a new layout. I, unfortunately, cannot. However, I know that there are some of you that can, so if you'd like to help, go ahead and reply to this post. If not, that's okay too ;)

I want to get some more involvement in posting around here, so maybe we could start a contest? Or a round-robin type of thing? If anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

Here's to happy posting and good times! And many thanks to kissmegoodbye for letting me take over :)
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hey!:) i would totally make a new layout!
Really? That'd be great! Thank you so much! That would be wonderful!
Sure! I just need to know what pictures of Michelle you want there.
Well, I really wanted the one with Idina and Michelle, the one thats like super tiny on the layout lol Sadly I can't find it anywhere :( I do like this one though: http://www.wickedonbroadway.net/broadwayNessarose.jpg

Thanks again :)
So I came up with something like this (a screenshot how would it look like so you can decide if u like it or not):




So let me know if you like it or not.:)
Ah! That's great! I love it!!! Really really great!